Thursday, 28 June 2012

Temple celebrated 194th aniversary(Vardhapan Din)

Mahalaxmi Temple

On 26th June 2012 Shree Mahalaxmi Saunthan celebrated 194th Vardhapan din of the temple with great enthusiasm.The temple was built in 1818 and renovated in 1983. Many devotees attended the arti at 12.30pm followed by mahaprasad.More than 250 devotees were present for the mahaprasad. The temple was decorated with flowers and lights.

Goddess Decorated
Decorated temple
Temple Decorated with flowers

Evening a bhajan programme was organised by the temple committee.The procession of Goddess Mahalaxmi in her palkhi started at 8.30pm followed by arti.


Goddess Mahalaxmi in her palkhi

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